Love is

I didn't give you the gift of life, But in my heart I know. The love I feel is deep and real, As if it had been so.

For us to have each other Is like a dream come true! No, I didn't give you The gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you. --- Unknown

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sad News

Well I just got word the precious little one we were hoping would be ours, has been accepted by the one family that stood between her and us.  At least that is how it felt.  God has such beautiful plans and sometimes we think we know what they are and then we get the wind knocked out of us.  He is God and He knows best.  My heart is broken,   I love this little girl,  but her journey will be over much quicker now.  The family adopting her already has a log in date, so she should be in there arms in a few months.  I know she will be loved, and I will always think of her and pray for her journey. Please pray for her, that God give her family wisdom and help them to build the perfect support system for her needs.  Pray for us today, as we let her go in our hearts, if you have walked this journey you know that knowing who your child is makes it richer, fuller and easier.  It feels somewhat empty when you are working for an unknown angel.  That is how I feel today, empty.  But I trust God, and I know that He knows exactly where our baby is. 

I know one thing,  I love this agency.  I know for sure God led us here.  The compassion I felt was very touching, and if it is a glimpse into what is to come, then I know this will be a beautiful journey.  Somewhere in the United States another family is rejoicing because they have found their princess. Help us pray for our baby, wherever she is... that we find her soon

Love you all...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Update on the new blog!

Oh so much has happened in the last week.  I sat down with my planning team (AKA my Hubby. Mom and Sister(love you guys!!!)), and talked about fund raising and gave them a copy of our fee schedule.  We have some wonderful things coming up this year that I am very excited about.  We have locked in the date for our benefit concert with our worship leader, Michael Janetis (thank you Michael!).  It is scheduled for March 2, 2013 at 6 pm at New Heights Church in Longview.  Flyers are being made and will be distributed very soon.  We hope to have our child locked in before that night.  Speaking of our child, part of choosing an agency is choosing a child.  You can choose your agency and wait for a match, but when looking for a child with a specific need you may choose to do what we have done.  We "thought" we would go back through CHSFS (Children's Home Society and Family Services), we LOVE them.  However we just kept running into road blocks,  I cant really explain it except to say I believe God had a different plan this time and He was nudging us a different way.  So in my daily search through lists of children needing homes,  I came upon a precious little one that I am hoping will be our child (details soon I promise).  In doing so we were linked to Madison Adoption Associates, and we have fallen in love.  It just feels right, the same way it did when we found CHSFS with Ariana.  So we have decided that even if we cannot lock in with this child we will be staying with them.  They have wonderful reviews.  They are out of state but we are using Great Wall for our homestudy already, not thrilled with them but it is only temporary.  I would not use them as my adoption agency. 

My niece Alyssa and her wonderful boyfriend Trey and I are working on Tshirt designs.  We plan to print and sell our own this time around.  We are currently selling breakfast burritos at my hubby's work and may expand that to a few other places.  We have another amazing fundraiser that I will tell you about soon that I absolutely LOVE! We have many ideas... and I hope to get a fundraiser section set up soon with future dates and times. 

Again I must say thank you,  I feel so blessed to have each and every ones support.  Your prayers are what carry us through.  Oh and I am excited to say that I wouldn't be surprised to hear some other families announcing their decision to adopt soon.  This is a beautiful web God is weaving. 

Have I told you I LOVE ADOPTION?

Love you all.... Kathy

Another Blog?

Yes I have created a second blog.  When I started the first one I had no idea we would complete one adoption and then just over a year later we would begin a second, and possibly simultaneous adoption.  Our life has been forever altered by adoption and orphan care, and I love it. This was my facebook status recently and it sums it all up. "Can I just say that God must have taken tiny pieces of my heart and placed it in the hearts of little ones all around the world who need families... because working toward adoption and orphan care makes my heart beat so much stronger... I love them all soooo...."   I want to work until there are no more orphans.  I could go on and on but I would like for you to keep reading, I felt we needed the second blog because the first one was to tell our journey to Ariana, thus the name "" I hope to use this blog to tell our next story but to also update you on our family. 

So thanks for walking through this life with us, we are so grateful for all the love a support. We have been blessed with amazing family and friends.