Love is

I didn't give you the gift of life, But in my heart I know. The love I feel is deep and real, As if it had been so.

For us to have each other Is like a dream come true! No, I didn't give you The gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you. --- Unknown

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sad News

Well I just got word the precious little one we were hoping would be ours, has been accepted by the one family that stood between her and us.  At least that is how it felt.  God has such beautiful plans and sometimes we think we know what they are and then we get the wind knocked out of us.  He is God and He knows best.  My heart is broken,   I love this little girl,  but her journey will be over much quicker now.  The family adopting her already has a log in date, so she should be in there arms in a few months.  I know she will be loved, and I will always think of her and pray for her journey. Please pray for her, that God give her family wisdom and help them to build the perfect support system for her needs.  Pray for us today, as we let her go in our hearts, if you have walked this journey you know that knowing who your child is makes it richer, fuller and easier.  It feels somewhat empty when you are working for an unknown angel.  That is how I feel today, empty.  But I trust God, and I know that He knows exactly where our baby is. 

I know one thing,  I love this agency.  I know for sure God led us here.  The compassion I felt was very touching, and if it is a glimpse into what is to come, then I know this will be a beautiful journey.  Somewhere in the United States another family is rejoicing because they have found their princess. Help us pray for our baby, wherever she is... that we find her soon

Love you all...

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