Love is

I didn't give you the gift of life, But in my heart I know. The love I feel is deep and real, As if it had been so.

For us to have each other Is like a dream come true! No, I didn't give you The gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you. --- Unknown

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Correcting some misinformation...

     A quick update, we are thankful for KLTV and the clip they did on our adoption fundraiser.  I just wanted to clarify, we do not know when we will travel.  We could maybe possibly travel as early as November, that would be God and a super fast process, but it could be as late as January.  They didn't include our blog address in the clip, but I am still praying God use that few seconds to connect someone's heart to ours that can help us bring our babies home.  So for now I am just going to leave you with this...

We are still blessed, still thankful, and still believe God is working even when we cannot see...

Off to bed, the princess starts kindergarten in the morning, My oldest baby also starts her new school in NY tomorrow, and my sweet boy is leaving us this weekend for his first year of college.  I pray our other babies will be in our arms and home soon.... :)

Night everyone... love you all

God knows what we need... and He is God even when we cannot see...

     So we were about to take a Sunday nap... and God had other plans.  Had to scramble to get out of my tank top and sweats because KLTV's Bob Hallmark rang our doorbell!!!!! He had been called or emailed several times about the massive banner in our yard for our "Can Our Yard Day" fundraiser.  I stood in our front yard crying as David spoke to him about our adoption and our fund raisers.  I have been tired, very tired.  Adoption does that too you, and fundraising is exhausting.  I just had a conversation yesterday with a friend about it, but God already knew, He was probably up in heaven smiling, saying to himself... " Wait daughter, I am here, and I love you, relief is coming".  Funny how we get tired and frustrated and when God moves it leaves us feeling humbled and wishing we were a better child.  That's the beauty of Gods love,  it isn't dependent on us.  He love us even when we fail, or are imperfect and I am so thankful. 

So it will be on tonight on KLTV at 10pm!!!! I have tried to update this blog and make sure the links for our fundraisers are all working. 

If you are here on our blog because you saw the story.  Thank you for stopping by,   we feel so blessed by every one's kindness, and the love we have been shown.  We love our community and our church family.  We are truly blessed to be surrounded by such good people.  We both grew up here but have lived in many places when my hubby was in the Air Force, and a few for other reasons, but no place compares to this!!! Take a look around, check out our babies pictures and the fundraising links.  Feel free to read our story on this blog and also on our blog from our first adoption.  The link to it is on the right below. Please pray for us as we work hard to bring these precious babies into our family, if you are able and want to support our fund raisers we would be so grateful. God bless you :) 

After typing this I realized I failed to mention we have an amazing MAOG family in PA that have prayed and supported through out this journey. To each of you, you have not allowed the miles between us to keep you from carrying us through, and we are so thankful...


Saturday, August 24, 2013

This is for you... Yes you

I am writing this to you, the one who has stood on the edge many times. You have come so close to taking that leap, you have lifted one foot into the open air just off the side of the cliff, and just as you began to lean your head back and slowly close your eyes... you hear it, that thing that makes your heart grow cold and numb. Those words so perfectly thought out, timed to perfection, spoken when your heart was standing with your back to him and your eyes on the God of faith.  His words make you sick to your stomach and you step back away from the edge, back to the comfort and security you know and you feel relief. Yes you have been here before, you have almost gone over the edge,but he always used something or someone to speak those exact words, the ones that give monstrous power to the fears inside. Fear that you will leap and God won't catch you, fear that you will step out and you will find yourself rejected and embarrassed, fear that you might look like a failure, or worse you might see yourself as one, fear that your choices may result in the tears of those you love "if things don't work out"  fear that you are too old, or too young, fear that the longing that has grown in your heart is just emotion.  Fear that maybe you need a special calling for the road ahead and you aren't sure you have it.  Let me clarify something, every single person who has taken this leap before you, did so with fear pounding in their hearts, and screaming in there ear. But they jumped anyway... Not because they were stronger or more sure but because they finally reached that place where they said "God I am nothing, I cannot do this, and I may end up rejected and embarrassed but if I do, I will know that I felt your tugging, I saw their faces and I hear their cries and I said yes!" I will rest knowing if I do this and it seems to fail with human eyes, that you had a greater purpose for me, and I will choose to still trust you.  You have a choice... Let fear keep you from what very well could be the greatest most beautiful journey of your life.  You can stay in safety, but you will never know the pure joy and perfect beauty of the road ahead. Or you can leap, and I promise you, you will feel the thrill of trusting God, and doing something so much greater than you.  Fear will follow, he will keep whispering, but his strength will diminish.  The journey will be wild and you will wonder if you are crazy sometimes... (You might  be lol) but you won't regret it of you keep your eyes on God, and when you look into the eyes of the child he has crafted perfectly for your family, you will understand why.  Leap and God will be faithful, because He wants this more than you.

If I know anything about you, I know this... Some little girl needs you to be her daddy, because you are the perfect one God has to show her his love and heal her hurt. Some little boy needs to ride on your shoulders and hear you call him son.  Do it for them, in the same way I know you would do it for your other children... Walk through this fire for your babies.... They need that momma and sister and brother, they need you. My family is praying for you, and we will continue to walk with you in every way possible... We love you.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gods plans, and my plans...

So it has been a month since the last blog... I don't know why, life just happens so fast.  We are officially logged in in China, our LID date is August 7. 2013. So we have started the wait for our LOA(letter of approval).  The time frame for this is all over the place.  Some people get them in a week or two and some have been waiting over 100 days.  We are praying and hoping for a quick turn around.  Our little guy has gone too long without language, and he needs to come home. Please pray this goes through quickly.

We still have no match with our daughter.  We believe God is up to something and I hope to be able to share more about this soon.  For now I will just say pray for our babies, for those who are taking care of them.  Pray for every detail to fall into place and that they will be home quickly :)

Our fund raisers have not been doing very well.  I really don't know why that is.  It seems that we are meeting two very different feelings from people; 1) either they think if we are adopting, we should have the money to pay for it ourselves, or 2) they are busy and distracted and don't feel like it is their place to get involved.  Oh but we need help,  I wish that people could see what I see.  I wish they could see that very few adoptive parents have the money in the bank to just pay all the fees.  I wish they could see how great the need is for people from all walks of life to step up and stand together and help every child, no matter their age, find a home.  We also get the "there are so many kids here why aren't you helping them first before going to another country". Let me say, we are open to God bringing our children from anywhere He sees fit.  We believe one of our children is here, God just has some walls to move before she can be ours.  I would love to show everyone of the people who give us this "attitude" the conditions children in orphanages live in.  The lucky ones get to live in foster care. But thousands more live in group care facilities. Even in the best orphanages, where money isn't an issue, there are still not enough hands to do what a mother and father do.  In most cases the little ones lay/stand/sit in cribs, or walkers or potty chairs for hours a day.  I have seen kids with open sores on their heads because they lay for hours on a wooden bed. Yes I said wooden, no soft mattress, no foam pad, just a hard bed.  Babies come home that have learned to self sooth by banging their heads on cribs, our pulling their hair or pinching themselves.  Baby rooms are eerily quiet because they have learned crying doesn't help.  These are in the better orphanages.  In most cases this isn't because the nannies don't care, but they have many, many, babies/toddlers and only a few hands.  In some cases there isn't enough food, so the children are thin and much smaller than normal. Many are fed congee, which is a soft thick rice soup, usually with broth and little vegetables or meat. Older children are not guaranteed a chance to go to school.  Even when they are, culturally people don't want orphans in their schools because they see it as bad luck.  These conditions are no longer allowed in the United States.  Each child has someone checking the home and making sure there is enough space for them, and enough food to eat.  I know the system is flawed, I know children get hurt and abused in care here too. I know there are not enough hands here either, but care giving to orphans here is much different than other countries.  Some orphans receive great care, they are fed well and interacted with and educated, but my whole point is "don't assume you know something you don't" "Don't judge based on what you think you know about orphans".  The need is great here and in every country! No child should be valued over another because of where they were born. Get involved, ask an adoptive family what you can do to help them.  Assume they do need you, because most adoptive families are fund raising and there is much to do.  Many times your help is more needed than your money.  You may not be interested in the fund raiser they are doing but your mom or brother or friend or coworker may be.  You might not have the money to buy a ticket or an item they are selling but more than likely you know someone who can.  You can change an orphans life,  you can join a team and help give a child the gift of family.  So instead of forming opinions about what you think we should do, or be able to do... DO SOMETHING yourself :)

Ok off the soapbox again...

I am truly and forever blessed to be a part of adoption.  I am blessed by people who love us and are helping.  I am blessed to be called Momma by these precious kids God has given me, by birth or adoption.  I am grateful God has allowed me to walk this road, and even more grateful that He is walking it before me.  Thank you again for every prayer prayed and every cent given, for every moment of your time.  You are each a part of team Ferguson...  Thank you Father for all these blessings... :)