Love is

I didn't give you the gift of life, But in my heart I know. The love I feel is deep and real, As if it had been so.

For us to have each other Is like a dream come true! No, I didn't give you The gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you. --- Unknown

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The real Eva Meili Ferguson

On March 6, 2014 we received a tiny gorgeous baby girl.  She was handed to us crying and immediately went into what we call her koala hold.  She let me console her and even calmed down but refused to look at anyone on interact in anyway.  For the next few days she cried if we moved and wailed if we put her down.  She could only take about 3-4 ounces of formula at a time.  She clearly had never had anything in her mouth but a bottle.  She would stare ate food and watch us put it in our mouth but gagged and threw up when I put it in her mouth. Everything scared her, especially the water in the shower or bath.  She would not sit in a stroller of high chair.  Slowly over the next few days in China she let us put her down with toys (but only in the room) and she didn't know how to play with them and none of them when in or close to her mouth.  She would bang them together and rock side to side. She didn't explore toys or us or anything else. She couldn't walk and didn't really crawl, more of scooting on her tummy. She wouldn't make eye contact with us at all and would not interact.  I had prepared for this,  but even I began to wonder if she was ok, or if something else was wrong, I was afraid she couldn't interact.  This was the first (and only in China) smile we got and I had to work very hard for it.
 She has continued to slowly come out of her shell.  She is eating many different kinds of first foods (baby food).  She also eats rice cereal and bananas twice a day.  She is also taking 6-8 ounces of formula in between.  She is smiling at me all the time, and reaching for me.  She almost giggled at daddy and she is interacting with us now.  She plays with and chews on toys.  She even danced with her siblings when they played wii dance.  She comes out of her shell more and more everyday and it is amazing and beautiful to watch.  She is healthy and happy and trusting us more and more. She went from crying when put down to now grabbing toys to play with. She will now walk holding our fingers without crying, and I expect to see her crawling soon.  Her legs are cold all the time so we have been exercising them, which makes her smile like crazy.  I cannot wait to see what she does next and finally her her giggle and babble.  Oh and btw Idk if I missed posting this on the blog but Eva can definitely hear us, she responds to all kinds of sounds.  She is a silly fun amazing baby girl and I am so blessed to be her Mommy.

Eva after being home a week

Next blog to follow soon : Happy Friendly Little Elijah Miles Ferguson

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Well we have been home for 5 day and I am just coming up for air.  We had a loooong exhausting trip home.  Eva was fussy on the entire flight, never really slept long. She never screamed but she fussed and fussed and tossed around. Elijah slept a long time and then woke up grumpy.  We had toys and activities for him but we didn't get to use them like we did with Ariana.  He is a great kid, but so different from Ariana in many ways.  He is finally watching us enough to learn some signs.  However being a boy he would much rather play than learn words.  Eva is still very clingy but will play by herself some.  She hates getting strapped in the car seat, but she pretty much hates being put down for any reason :).  Our last couple days in China were good, we had a relaxed time at Shamien island,  I so miss staying there this adoption trip, but no one really stays there anymore :( it was just so nice to be on a secluded little island and be able to go out and wander around with your child.  Outside the Garden was very busy city streets with lots of traffic, and even though many adoptive families stayed there we only got to meet a few and didn't really get to know them :( I missed everyone staying close and all playing outside or in the hotel play room.  Anyway the hotel was amazingly beautiful, out room was so nice and roomy... And breakfast was yummy.  Outside was a gorgeous garden with a walking path and waterfall.  So I am not complaining, just missing what was.

So here is a brief blurb about adopting two at once.  Having done this both ways I have to say adopting one was much more relaxed, comfortable and fun.  I wouldn't have wanted to make either of my children wait another day, so I have no regrets.  However our bonding time with Ariana was much better and easier because we only had her.  She got more of us, and I guess I have some mom guilt because I couldn't give either of the newest ones my complete attention.  Elijah got is for two days alone, but they were busy days.  Eva was more needy and I felt like I didn't get to bond as fast with Elijah because I was taking care of her.  Again I am absolulty not complaining, but I have promised to be honest,  adopting two at one time is harder and more stressful.  Maybe had they both been older this would not have been the case. :)

Now back to the good stuff.  They are both gorgeous sweet kids and I love thems so.  I cried like a baby walking through the doors at the airport and seeing my other kids and all my family waiting for us. Elijah was a bit overwhelmed but it didn't take long for him to warm up. Eva let her big brother hold her first and didn't seem to mind others holding her.  I couldn't wait to hug my babies, I missed them so... I still miss my firstborn, there was a huge hole where she belonged at the airport and here at home since.  I hope to see her soon.  Elijah and Ariana are best buddies already.  I expected this, but it is so sweet too see.  She is (mostly) very kind to him.  She is showing him the ropes and they run off holding hands all the time.  We have seen a few more Eva smiles since we got home, and she is now happily taking cereal and also enjoyed some peas.  We have decided to take it slow and introduce foods carefully much like a younger baby.  We are not going to rush her out of this baby stage she is in, it is good for bonding.  It is bittersweet, sad that she is so delayed, but sweet that we will see her first steps and be a part of many other baby firsts with her.

I love having them here and the truth is this is so hard, physically and emotionally.  We are still getting use to Texas time again and so still very tired but much better than a few days ago.  I am so thankful for my family,  they took care of so much while we were gone and are willing to do whatever we need now that we are home.  I am truly blessed.  In keeping with my whole "truth on this blog thing". I have not done so well this last week,  sheer exhaustion and stress has left me with little patience and I have felt like a horrible mommy.  Please pray for me that I find my feet and get organized, and that I have the time to spend with my Daddy to keep my spirit calm so I can be a kind loving momma.

***Please keep our Children's pastor in your prayers, her mother went to heaven this week,  my heart aches for her and her family,  please pray God comfort them and give them strength and hope amidst grief.  ***

I will update more later, I know this one was long over due.

Love to all

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sorry for not blogging more

I am sorry I haven't gotten more blogging in.  I knew we would be busy but it is funny how much more time it takes when there are two little ones and one is a baby that cries every time we remove her from the koala hold. Which we don't mind but it makes it hard to get things done.  She has not been feeling well, running a fever and very fussy.  She is still playing with her toys but we cannot get her to interact with is much yet.  She seems to live inside a little shell and she cannot come out for long yet but we are trusting that she will. :). Elijah is having less melt downs, learning to listen, he is very sweet and very friendly.... Ok he is a flirt lol blowing kisses at all the pretty young girls and touching everything and everyone.  He is silly and rambunctious and all boy.  Then he will run up and wrap those sweet arms around me... I love him sooooo, I love her sooo and I am extremely excited to get them home to meet their siblings and cousins and aunts and grandparents :) and all the wonderful people that made it possible for them to come home.

This trip has been very fast in many ways, I feel like we haven't had time to slow down and enjoy much.  We went to the safari park yesterday but Eva's fever spiked and it was just too cold and wet, so after a fun train ride the driver took the princess and I back to the room.  We hung out while dad and Elijah enjoyed the animals :) today we were suppose to site see but we felt it best to keep the little one in for the day. Tomorrow is consulate appointment :))) and then we have one last run to trust mart/ Walmart.  Thursday we spend the day packing and preparing to come home!! So ready to hug my family!!!! I miss beef, real beef and our church and being able to chat with anyone I see in target or at the gas station.  I am so ready to be able to strap my kids in the car and go to Walmart and get anything I am wanting :) I am ready to cook familiar foods and pic up the phone and call ppl instead of texting everything.  I am not complaining I love China and this time has been easier, we know the foods better and understand how things work. I am also painfully aware that we will be leaving the place our babies have always known and taking them to a world that will be strange and unfamiliar.  It is bitter sweet.  I am thankful for this journey and all we have learned, I am blessed to have such amazing friends and family.  I am honored that God allowed me to walk this road , to parent these amazing kids.  Thank you all for your love and prayers and support.

Pray our sweet girl feels better by our flight home and that the rest of us stay healthy :)

Oh and we arrive Friday at 4:30 if you want to be a part of the airport welcome home celebration... Just ask my mom or sister for more details... Or inbox me if you aren't Facebook friends with them.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Sweet babies and lots of change.

So in the most uneventful manner possible Eva officially became a Ferguson. She is getting more comfortable and confident with us.  If you have seen my Facebook you know she has been playing a little on the floor and she even pulled herself up to a standing position. She has also crawled a little to follow us when she gets mad that we put her down.  She likes the stroller but only when it is moving, if it stops she screams. :) Elijah seems to have a good day then a rough day. Yesterday was pretty good, today was bad, he threw several fits.  He is testing everything and hates to be told no. So today in a store he threw himself in the floor about 3 times. He is learning slowly that that's doesn't help him... But he has to try.  Having no way to communicate is frustrating but mostly he just wants what he wants and to do what he wants and he is GOING to do it. Lol then after a fit is over he is super sweet and loving... Today we had our medical appointments and they both did pretty well (other than a few Elijah fits) he got really mad at the people who drew his blood for the tb test and he told me all about it, even pointed them out :) they are both amazing kids and considering the changes in their lives they are doing very well.  I adore them,  I cannot wait until all my babies are together for the first time... Hmm now how to steal Ashlyn away from school long enough to make that happen :D

We still have a busy week ahead before we can come home.  Keep praying for us, we feel very blessed.

Love to you all!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gotcha Day Eva Meili

So yesterday we met our gorgeous little princess.  We were the only ones at civil affairs because we got her on a Wednesday.  That is unusual but due to adopting two they have worked things to fit or time here.  We went in and signed paperwork and waited Elijah was tired and in a foul mood.  He likes to throw fits went he doesn't get his way, which is often.  This has been hard for him but he was doing well the day before.  So we were waiting in this huge room alone and he was running wild :) they then motioned for is to come here and I heard her sweet sounds.  I rounded te corner and there she was tiny and beautiful and bringing to cry.  She wasn't happy about anything happening but she clung to me immediately like a koala bear. She cried for a while and I just cuddled her, didn't even get a good look at her face until daddy took her for me to sign papers.  She cried for a while and Elijah continued to run wild.  It was pretty uneventful, did paperwork, paid money, asked a few questions, took a picture with her nanny and the orphanage director  and we were done.  We were warned she probably hadn't been held much and would cry when put down... She does, and it makes getting ready difficult but we don't mind at all :) I have been waiting to hold them a loooooong time. Her nanny was sweet and cried and we thanked her for taking such good care of our baby.  But Eva didn't cry for her this time, I guess my cuddles were good enough for now.

We left there and went by trust mart and by this time Elijah was in full one rotten mode :) he got mad when David went in without him.  Threw a major fit, kicking screaming in the floor fit.  He doesn't like to be told what to do and will physically fight past you if you try to stop him, but it is getting better everyday.  He didn't seem to like Eva at first, he just kinda glared at her like she ruined his new world.  But today he was sweet and he would walk up and hug her and pay her.  She is still very quiet today (unless we put her down) she got very nervous when we went out this morning and was crying and clinging to is hard.  But as the day went on she got more comfortable.  Please be praying for our journey home, I don't want to have two screaming kids on the plane for 13 hours.  Pray they can rest and don't get sick... And that Elijah doesn't have meltdowns for having to stay in his seat.

These two babies have a lot to learn, they are already beginning to see what the love of parents can do, and I cannot wait for you all to meet them and love them :D

Love... Me

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day two with our little prince.

This little guy is amazing.he has changed so much in just two days, as he has relaxed and gotten use to us. He is sweet and silly and funny and loud, and oh so stubborn.  But of course he would have to be he is a member of the Goforth/Ferguson clan lol :) he is becoming more affectionate and less resistant, curiously watching or signs and looking at out faces.  The first day he didn't care about words or our faces he just wanted us to do what he wanted... He is a mess and I love him so.  We were super busy with paperwork and traveling to Guangzhou, which is way this blog is late.

The most important news of the day is Elijah is now officially a Ferguson!!!!!!!! I am so proud to call this little guy my son. :))))) there were only two famikies and the process seemed uneventful.  However it was life changing and perfect and amazing and I am blessed beyond measure!

We are at the Garden Hotel and let me just say, this place is gorgeous, very very nice.  We got settled in we are trying to get our bearings today.  We will leave here at 2 to meet our newest princess.  We have been prepared for the worst but are hoping and praying form the best.  She is from a poorer orphanage and they don't have enough hands to meet the kids needs, we believe they try, there are just so many babies.  So rather than judge them we want to help... So my friends are you ready for your China adventure?  Because these babies are ready for you to take it!!!

I am blessed beyond measure with the most amazing kids and I cannot wait to meet or baby girl in a few hours :) I will post pictures to Facebook I cannot get them to load to the blog.

Gotcha day update to come later :)))))

Eva Meili Ferguson we are here baby girl...

Keep praying for these two babies and our health and safety.  We have seen Gods hand through this whole prices and we are so thankful for every prayer you have all prayed!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Crazy wonderful awful beautiful sweet amazing day!

Gotcha day was yesterday and I had no time to write. Elijah didn't arrive until an hour after we did. A loooong grueling hour :) then suddenly there he was, beautiful and perfect and scared.  They pushed him to us even though he protested.   We one him over with a bag full of fun starting with a light up helicopter from Aunt Lisa!  He interacted with us fine and even let me touch him some, but he kept loping to see if the lady from his orphanage was still there. She stayed a while while we did paperwork and took the pictures, she then snuck in a kiss on the cheek during a final picture and snuck out.  When he realized she was gone he went into full on melt down.  It was heart breaking to watch,  we could only hold him and try and comfort him.  He did all he could to tell for her and look for her.  Then we went between moments of calm and moments of sorrow.  We prayed and fought off the tears and let him grieve.  I was so hard.  But for those in the adoption community you know it is also good for a child raised in an orphanage to have a strong connect to someone there.  It brought some comfort to know he could and would attach to us.

He did finally calm down and once calm we tried to interact in small gentle ways, we finally did by using an app call Clumsy Ninja.  Thank you to whoever created it! He began to giggle and smile and interact with us.  When it was time to leave he did well looked for his yaya on the way out and in the van  but didn't cry anymore.  We had a good day exploring all the toys and eating lunch  and even ventures out a while.  This little man is smart and funny and silly and gorgeous.  He even has his own  version of communication.  He is mimicking signs already, but doesn't really want to learn any specific words yet. We will just keep signing and wait for the magic to unfold :) I did get a big squishy kiss yesterday, I kisses his cheek and he turned and planted it on me... made my day!

So we are playing and loving and just getting to know this gift from god :)

Pictures to come soon!

Sunday, March 2, 2014


I love this country and it's people.  Maybe because three of my children were born here.  Maybe because they work hard and respect the elderly.  Maybe because it is rich in culture and history or maybe because when I look into their eyes I see an incredibly beautiful people that God created.  Their skin and hair and eyes so beautifully shaped by the hands of out father. Somehow here I remember that each of us are priceless and perfect to God.  Yes they have struggles and imperfections just like our beautiful nation.  Here I also see how much I love being an American, how much I cherish my home and it's people.  I feel so full of wonder and beauty.

Today we went to silk street and bought a few things for the kids, it was fun to watch David barter with the shop owners to get even cheaper prices on items that weren't expensive to begin with. Our trip to Hangzhou will be so short this time.  We do not get to go to Elijah's orphanage :( we simply don't have the time.  We would normally have been in Hangzhou almost a week but since sweet Eva is waiting we have to get to her. :) sad about not getting to see where he lived but not sad to hold her sooner.

In just about 4 and 1/2 hours we will look into the eyes of a gorgeous little man that we have loved for over a year but never touched. A little guy that God knew from the moment he was created he would be Elijah Miles Ferguson. I cannot wait to see him and touch him and find out who he is.  I cannot wait to love him up close.  Thank you Father for each of my children. I cannot imagine my life without one of them.

It is gotcha day at 5am and I cannot sleep :) dreaming of him... I am excited and giddy.  I will post soon with his gorgeous face...

Love you all

Sleepless in China :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Contact finally :)

We have been havin trouble getting through but it looks like we have success! We have been in China  a day and a half. Flew into Shanghai and spent one night. We took a united flight because it was the only one that worked with out schedule an budget. It wasn't bad at all, no delays or issues. Nothing fancy or frills but we got here. Hit some turbulence that was kinda rough and ended up with coke all over us :) but we arrived safely and slept a lot on the plane.  We then took a van to Hangzhou, we are now in the same city as our little man!!! We are messed up with our time and keep waking in the middle of the night. It is 3am and I am blogging instead of sleeping :). We are going out today to do a little shopping to get a few things we need for Elijah. He will be in our arms tomorrow!!!! TOMORROW!!!!! Ahhhh so excited. We don't know if we get to visit the orphanage, we will meet our guide for the first time later today and find out. I will blog again later.

Love to you all!
And Thank you God for bringing us here, and for safe travels!
Keep praying us through this journey.

Going to try and sleep more now :) ... me