Love is

I didn't give you the gift of life, But in my heart I know. The love I feel is deep and real, As if it had been so.

For us to have each other Is like a dream come true! No, I didn't give you The gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you. --- Unknown

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I love our Town!

Update on our CAN OUR YARD... This is why I LOVE WHITE OAK! We have spoken to the city manager who also spoke with the mayor... White Oak cares about its people, and they care about our kids.   We will be moving the sign (and our container will be redone) to our side road where most people have parked to drop off cans anyway... We will be continuing our can our yard drive!!!!!!!!!!!!SO keep saving those cans... trust me it matters.  I plan to put out a few signs showing the stats and how much this fund raiser has contributed!!!

People don't buy into the lies that say people don't care... the do.  Most of all God does...


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sometimes people disappoint me...

So somebody in White Oak probably one of our neighbors has complained to the city (who we got permission from) about our yard sign and our cans we are collecting to raise money for our adoption. I think I am in shock that our yard sign has bothered them so badly that removing it is more important than bringing two kids into a forever home. We have had so much positive feedback, and we purposely created a barrier to keep them in one area. They are not left there long, taken every weekend unless there is only one or two bags. So anyway... per the fire marshal we have to take the sign down and remove the bags of cans. So thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and has continued every week to bring cans to help us bring our babies home This has been a wonderful continual fund raiser and we are very sad to lose it... We have until Saturday to remove it so if you have been saving cans for us you can drop them of before then.
This has been a wonderful tool for raising awareness about our adoption and just adoption in general.  I am blessed to have met and talked to and shared this with all of you.... please pray for us and our fund raising efforts, we keep hitting brick walls. I am digging in my nails and clinging to the truth that God has this....

I am sad but not broken,

Monday, October 28, 2013


So while waiting for our i800 for our gorgeous little guy, hubby called our agency to ask about something else and was told they had just gotten a file that fit our search criteria!  Now to understand this, you have to know we started out looking for a girl, but when our son was brought to us we knew he was meant to be ours.  We are head over heals in love with him!  So we got approved for two and we have been waiting since March to see our daughters face. Nothing... and more nothing... so here we are in October, waiting for i800 for Elijah.  We had decided to proceed to get him, gotten a new balance and set out to raise the last funds needed just for him. Then God surprises us with our Eva... so we submitted LOI (letter of intent) and we wait for China to approve, which should be quick because of our status with Elijah.  So when hubby called to check on Elijah's i800 we found out we got approved today!!! 

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So we will rush Eva's i800 to them as soon as we have her LOA (letter of approval) in hand.  This may slow us down just a bit but it is oh so worth it!  Then file for visas and wait for travel approval and consulate appointments! It is about to get crazy around this house!!!!

Now.... We face a much bigger mountain... or balance to be fully funded has grown significantly.  We need help!  We have to raise funds in about two months time!!! I will update our status thermometer soon and as soon as we get approval for Eva I will post her picture!!!! Pray my friends and if you have ideas on how to help or want to donate to help get these babies home we would be so blessed... I KNOW GOD HAS LINED ALL THIS UP... I KNOW HE BROUGHT THESE BABIES INTO OUR LIVES..... AND I KNOW HE WILL DO THIS!!!!!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Waiting on I800

So Our LOA was signed, copied and sent back to our agency, and our I800 was sent and received last Thursday.  We should have approval before the first of Nov, maybe sooner!

We have a concert coming up, and my sister and I are making adorable Christmas bows, I will post a picture soon.  We are also still collecting cans.  I am so thankful to White Oak and the surrounding cities for collecting these cans and dropping them off in our yard.  It makes my heart swell everytime I see new bags in the yard.  I am blessed to know all of you care so much for our family and getting our babies home with us. :) THANK YOU!

Please pray we can get our flooring and get it installed, the kids room needs carpet and we need to finish the floors in rest of the house, we had to pull the really really really old carpet out due to smell, and issues it was causing with allergies in the family.  We also need to close up the brick on the corners of the house left open when we removed the wings... Most of all keep praying our baby home, we are praying and hoping he is here before this year is over.


Monday, October 14, 2013


We don't have the paper copy in hand yet... but we got our LOA!!!!! We got word via email from our fabulous agency on the 9th... I posted it everywhere but here.  I am sorry I haven't been better at posting on the blog... so much going on and I have not really adjusted well.  :)

We are also having another fundraiser, another adoptive momma is doing an Usborne Book fundraiser and donating all of her commission to our adoption fund! Thank you Sindy, your generosity is such a blessing!!! I love love love Usborne Books and they make great gifts. Here is the link, I will also add it to the top right under fund raisers...

Keep praying, if all goes well we can travel to China in December to get our little man... no more Christmas's without a family for our Elijah... 4 was too many.

Love to all you guys.


Oh and I heard there might be a class at UGISD following along with us... if so... Welcome!!!  thank you to all the amazing kids who care so much about others... and for parents and teachers that are teacher them about love and concern for others.  I would love to hear from you, so maybe you can get your teacher to leave me a comment! Also to everyone who has been bringing cans by our house, you have blessed us soooo and we will continue to collect then until our baby is home! Thank you!!!!!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

The long LOA wait... update on our little man... and other stuff

     So we have now been waiting 61 days for our LOA... so much for the 45 day average, although there was a holiday in China during this time that ended today.  We need our LOA in the next three days to have a chance to travel before this year is up. Please pray... everyday feels like an eternity, and my heart aches to hold my little boy.

     So Elijah had surgery and he stayed in the hospital several days after to make sure he could get the focused care he needed during his recovery.  The surgery went well and he is doing beautifully now. Thank you God.  We were also blessed to get these...
I am completely in love with this little man.  He is adorable and Oh so sweet and I cannot wait to hug him and kiss his sweet cheeks. sigh

We have another fund raiser scheduled, for Nov 10.  A group from the cowboy church in Tyler contacted us after seeing the story on KLTV and they are setting up a benefit concert for our family. We are thankful for their help and I will add a link to a facebook page very soon. :)

I have to say there is some other information that is killing me to not be able to share publicly yet, but things are moving and prayerfully very soon we can share some beautiful news with the world.

Please pray for funding, and for paperwork to move quickly.

Love to you all...