Love is

I didn't give you the gift of life, But in my heart I know. The love I feel is deep and real, As if it had been so.

For us to have each other Is like a dream come true! No, I didn't give you The gift of life, Life gave me the gift of you. --- Unknown

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Apparently I am completely ruined

So on Father's Day as everyone celebrates and thinks about and honors their dads, all I can think about are the millions of children that have no idea what that means. This struggle began in me days ago as saw posts starting to go up on Facebook. I watched a great video the skit guys posted on being a father, I fought hard to keep from posting a response to them. I am consumed, my heart is broken because I know so many will fall asleep tonight aching for a daddy's arms. Even worse some will fall asleep with no idea who or what a daddy is. With every beautiful post I read about a father today the ache grew stronger. Daddy's can you hear them? Can you see their precious faces? They need you more than you know. Imagine growing up with ever changing faces, never knowing who will be there tomorrow. I have to be honest... These kids need Daddy's because they need to learn about the greatest dad of all... God. They need YOU not your money, not a week of your time, not a new toy or shoes, they need YOU. Your arms, your hand, your shoulder to ride on, your prayers, your life. They need you to be their hero, so that they can see that they have a savior.  I pray you hear them and see them. I pray God bring them to your mind all through out your day, I pray that when you lay down to rest you see their faces. I pray that their cries grow so loud you cannot rest until you find them. I pray that the stirring you feel in your heart right now swell into a raging storm that won't let you rest until they all have fathers.  I pray your heart is forever changed... Oh God I pray...  And while they wait and precious moments of their life slip by, I pray God that you hold them and love them and make your self so real to them. I pray that you calm their hearts and let them see that though their human fathers have abandoned that you are forever constant.

.... I pray next year you have a new face in your home and new hands reaching out to you saying "Happy Fathers Day Daddy!"

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Both Hands project... change.

This Both Hands project has been crazy... There has been another update.  We were given bad news from the city of Gladewater, that they have not approved anyone to bring in a newer mobile home on a current lot. They apparently don't care about the individual situations all they care about is making sure they don't have to say yes to anyone else. So basically the family decided they would not be moving forward and risking the loss of the fee they would have to pay to challenge the city ordinance.  I understand this, if they could afford to throw away money they wouldn't need a waiver in the first place.  So we will be going back and doing the best we can to bandage up this sweet ladies house and make it safer for her.  If you are reading this and you have any ideas or solutions please send me a message. 

Thank you for praying... I know God loves this sweet lady and I am choosing to believe He has a plan even though I cannot see.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Both Hands project... to be continued.

Ok so Saturday was our Both Hands project, and God blessed us with a beautiful day. It is amazing to me that we are in June and we worked outside for hours and didn't fry to a crisp.  No one was injured, (except for Ariana whacking my ankle with a shovel lol) We had 17 people show up who worked hard all day to make Mrs. Wilsons yard look amazing.  Big thanks goes to our crew, made up of David and I, Destin & Ariana, Marvin Goforth, Loretta Goforth, Helen Smith, Lisa Whitmire, Phillip Whitmire, Jenifer Goude, Pastor Brian Rayburn & Garret Rayburn, JoRene Miller, and three people from Mrs. Wilsons church, Ashley Holmgren, Austin Hill & His dad Junior, and Kenny DeYoung came out and checked the AC and heat for us.  Our plan was to have the whole team (except David) work outside in the yard planting cleaning and raking,  David was going to start work on an addition that needed some repair inside and out.  He and Pastor Brian got started but quickly realized they were going to be rebuilding the entire outside wall due to water damage.  We broke for lunch around 12 and planned to move inside... which is where the change of plans began.  After going inside to get started all my hard working positive, "we can get this done" lady friends agreed this was not the best approach. They all felt (as I originally did) that the few things we had time to do would be like putting duck tape over a band aide on a large gaping wound. So with some discussion we agreed to call the family and let them in on the plan we tried to pull off, we are going to help them fight the city to get a newer mobile home moved onto her lot... So I am not sure how long this may take, or how it will affect our Both Hands project video.  Which needs to be done, as we are told most donations come in after the video is posted.  So please be praying for us, that all the details will fall into place and we can get this precious lady a better home. So.... after making a decision we all went back outside to finish the yard clean up which took a couple more hours... yes it was that big of a job :)

Now to the sappy part... I left that evening and as I drove home I was just thinking about the day, mostly the people who came out to work with us. I was overwhelmed with emotion, with pride, I felt so blessed to have each of them in our lives.  Thinking about their work and sacrifice for my family and Mrs. Wilson brought tears. I have said it many times but this adoption stuff brings out the beauty around you.  I hope I was able to express my gratitude to each one of you who came out... I hope you know that I will not forget. I will make sure Elijah and Eva know of the love you guys poured out and how hard you have worked to bring them home to us. 

I want to say something else to Garret, Phillip, and Destin... you three made me so proud,  young guys get a bad wrap sometimes because they tend to goof off or grumble about work,  but what I saw was three young men working hard without complaint and having a good time doing it...(despite some serious spider phobias lol) are amazing young men of God and I don't know where life may take you but I am sure that you are forever a part of the legacy of two precious kids in China.  So thanks guys...

So this week holds more work on the addition, because the second side needs rebuild too, and therapy in Dallas then fingerprinting for USCIS.  Pray we get matched soon with our baby girl.

Thanks for all who were praying for us, it was a wonderful day.